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It had felt &39;odd&39; leaving the previous light. Honda Accord USA Built, Full Synthetic Multi-Spec Automatic Transmission Fluid by Motul USA®. Why Schedule a Honda Transmission Service As soon as oil is in use, it begins to break down. Honda advises against doing so as well. The five-speed B97A automatic transmission requires 8 qts. When you drain the transmission pan and refill, you are only changing about 40% of the transmission fluid. welcome to com How Do You Change Manual Transmission Fluid for Honda Accord? Jack the front of the vehicle using a hydraulic jack and secure with jack stands.

When checking fluid level, engine and transmission should be up to normal temperature, which is reached after about 5 minutes of driving Two days after the flush, inspect transmission again for signs of fluid leaking. More Honda Accord Manual Transmission Fluid Change videos. With the car in. Pull it out and wipe it clean with a paper towel. Add transmission fluid if the fluid level is a little low, using a funnel. 6-speed manual transmission fluid change. Insert funnel and fill the transmission with three quarts of Honda ATF.

Your transmission might be a CVT, a manual 6 speed transmission, or a 6 speed "traditional" automatic transmission. In my 30+ years of working on vehicles and maintaining my own vehicles, I recommend a more in the middle schedule. Labor costs are estimated between and while parts are priced between and .

Get a free detailed estimate for a transmission fluid change in your area from KBB. We have the best products at the right price. This assumes that you can and already do basic maintenance on your own, especially changing the oil. Start engine and shift into drive. Reference book «Fluid type : automatic transmission Honda». Put it back in until it&39;s all the way down and pull it out again. Honda Accord Transmission Fluid Change DIY - Honda-Tech.

The engine in your Honda Accord should be running when you perform a transmission fluid level check, otherwise it will be inaccurate. Oil and filter change; Inspect brakes for wear. If the fluid is high, bleed out some transmission fluid. it is best to get the car up in the air. A large amount is stored in the transmission’s torque converter. Labor costs are estimated between and while parts are priced at . Hondas are unique because they don&39;t need the engine running to check the transmission fluid; although, the engine still needs to be warm, but not hot.

Honda did 2010 honda accord manual transmission fluid change decide to call for 3x if the trans is exhibiting symptoms. Turn it clockwise to loosen. Honda Manual Transmission Fluid or SAE 0 W-20 or 5 W-20 viscosity motor oil as a temporary measure: 3. · I wouldn&39;t reccommend flushing any Honda transmission, especially an automatic. For easier access, it is best to get the car up in the air.

Honda Accord Manual Transmission Fluid Change Cost Estimate. Engineered for and meets the requirements of Honda Automatic Transmission with DW-1 and Z-1 specifications. HONDA RECOMMENDED MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE 7,500 - 22,500 - 37,500 - 2010 honda accord manual transmission fluid change 52,500 - 67,500 - 82,500 mile maintenance. and the hundreds of other forum members who will see this thread in the future. On top of low prices, Advance Auto Parts offers 2 different trusted brands of Manual Transmission Fluid products for the Honda Accord. Open the hood and remove the transmission fluid dipstick. Check transmission fluid level at operating temperature with the engine off—car on level ground.

· The transmission pan (the pan on the bottom side of the transmission) holds only one-third to a half of the fluid. · Honda Accord Transmission Fluid Change Cost The average cost for a Honda Accord transmission fluid change is between 6 and 9. In some Hondas, the transmission&39;s dipstick plug is too 2010 small for an ordinary funnel, but there might be a separate plug near it labeled ATF where you can pour in the fluid. Description: Used Honda Accord LX for sale - ,,352 miles with Steel Wheels Certified Pre-Owned: No Transmission: 5-Speed Manual. Hello all, I was told by a friend who seems to know a lot about cars to only change the transmission fluid when the maintenance minder wrench lights up. Check the crosshatch, which indicates.

How much fluid does a Honda Accord take? To completely flush the transmission fluid, perform Step 2 through Step 4 three times. Independent of the maintenance messages on the multi-information display, replace the brake fluid 2010 honda accord manual transmission fluid change every 3 years.

Because if you drained the trans and cant break the fill plug loose, you are screwed. It is simply some notes on how to do this. All Honda automatics have required regular fluid replacements since Honda developed their own automatic transmissions way back in the 1970s.

Estimate does not include taxes and fees. This is a Honda Accord, manual transmission. The video above shows where the transmission fluid dipstick is located in your Accord and how to check the transmission fluid level.

Changing the Automatic Transmission Fluid in a Honda Accord (6th Gen): This is not a full Instructable. We currently carry 2 Manual Transmission Fluid products to choose from for your Honda Accord, and our inventory prices range from as little as . Honda recommends the transmission fluid be changed every 37,500 miles under "severe" conditions and every 120,000 under "normal" conditions. When to change automatic transmission fluid on a Honda Accord EX-L (4-cylinder)? 5L engines), Honda Manual Transmission Fluid or SAE 0 W-20 or 5 W-20 viscosity motor oil as a temporary measure. Fuel Economy Gas mileage for the Honda Accord coupe with V-6 engine is 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway with a manual transmission. 9 liters (change, 2.

Honda Tech: How to Change Transmission fluid - Honda-Tech. 100% Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid for most modern automatic transmissions (manual mode, sequential mode, electronically. The average price of a Honda Accord transmission fluid change can vary depending on location. Slow the car to a stop. Step 1: Jack up the car on the driver side Step 2: Loosen the fill plug first. Whether or not you should change it is not a matter of debate: Yes.

Secure the dipstick o. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your unique location. See more results. of transmission fluid. No one except you knows that. Once again- you should list what engine and transmission you have. This engine requires 7 qts.

The handle will be yellow and located near the battery. Manual Transmission Fluid Change Cost The average cost for a Honda Accord manual transmission fluid change is between and 6. The drain plug will be lower than the fill plug and will fit a 3/8&92;&92;" square ratchet. Run the engine for about five minutes, cycling through all the transmission settings at least once before you shut it off.

. Gently accelerate, but don&39;t go over 50mph. These are manufactured to the same high-quality standards as the original components, so you 2010 honda accord manual transmission fluid change can be confident of their performance and durability. If it&39;s dark brown or black and smells bad, you&39;ll have to drain the old fluid out completely and replace it with new fluid.

Check the dipstick again to see if you&39;re close to the right amount and be sure not to overfill. When equipped with a six-cylinder engine, the Honda Accord requires 4. Help us, help you. How often do you change it? Done every 30k is normally just fine. If you have a EX, you might have a V6 or 4 cylinder engine. When finished, cycle through the gears and make sure everything works as it should.

oil in my friends 03&39; ACCORD V6-L NAV 6MT and my 96&39; Honda Prelude VTEC for over 3 years. When equipped with a manual transmission, the Honda Accord requires 4. of 5W-20 motor oil. Follow these steps to add transmission fluid in a Honda Accord EX 2.

API GL-4, SAE 75W80 mineral transmission fluid: Transaxle, Manual: 2. For that reason, a Honda transmission service is due much less frequently than an engine oil change. When and how to check fluid level (engine should be running). Replace drain plug.

We currently carry 10 Automatic Transmission Fluid products to choose from for your Honda Accord, and our inventory prices range from as little as . AMSOIL transmission fluids offer the best protection for your ACCORD CROSSTOUR, even in the most severe driving conditions. 2 quarts Amsoil Syncromesh Transmission Fluid Rachet set (I believe the fill plug was 18mm) Suction pump Drain pan 30mins time Level ground. See full list on honda-tech. What type of oil does honda accord take? Place the funnel in the plug and slowly pour in about half a quart to a full quart of Honda ATF-DW1, as needed. If there&39;s a hesitation or hard shifting, check the transmission fluid dipstick. .

Are you attempting to ask how often the fluid should be changed? Order AT Fluid - Vehicle Specific for your Honda Accord and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Guide and pictures are from a Honda Civic, but owners of other Honda vehicles with CVT transmission such as Fit, Freed, HR-V, Mobilio. Continuously Variable Transmission EX w/Navigation - Recommended service: Replace engine oil * *: If the message "SERVICE DUE NOW" does not appear more than 12 months after the display is reset, change the engine oil every year. Thankfully, there&39;s an easy way to check it. Vehicles: Maintenance, replacement or repair of emissions control devices and systems may be done by any automotive repair.

Checking the transmission fluid in your Honda Accord is an important part of a regular maintenance schedule. A normal drain & fill replaces only 1/3 of the fluid. Honda transmissions are very sensitive to other fluids, so you&39;ll want to use Honda&39;s fluid.

Look at the color of the fluid. If the color is more reddish, the fluid is fine. Shift into reverse and drive up to 20mph before coming to a stop again. How Much Do You Need. 75W90 Gear oil has superior.

Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with Honda Accord Motor Oil and Transmission Fluid from AutoZone. Honda Civic, ATF Type H Plus Automatic Transmission Fluid by Idemitsu®. Between the engine block and the battery, you&39;ll find the yellow or orange transmission dipstick buried underneath a large coolant cable.

When the plug is removed, transmission fluid will pour out, so have a bucket handy. Accord Coupe Technology Reference Guide Accord Sedan Technology Reference Guide Honda Remote Engine Starter Quick Start Guide The Owner&39;s Manual explains the various features and functions of your Honda, offers operation tips and suggestions for vehicle care and maintenance, provides specific details on safety systems, and includes. Shift to park and turn off the engine. I created this because while there are written instructions on changing A. The idea is for the engine to shift through all the gears.

2010 honda accord manual transmission fluid change

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